Laf Taf Massage Oil – 100ml

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Jyotishmati seeds contain oil – Oleum nigrum – an empyreumatic oil. It is rubefacient, stimulant and nervine tonic. Jyotishmati seeds and oil stimulate intellect and sharpen memory. It is a powerful nerve stimulant. Oil is used as pomade in relieving rheumatic pains and believed to promote intelligence and prevents fatigue.

The main components of oil are celastrine, panniculatin and an aromatic oil. These components in Ayurveda are considered to stimulate”Medha” (intellect) and promote “smruti” (memory). In Siddha Writing, besides the above efficacy, the oil from the plant prevents fatigue.



  • Increases blood supply, stimulates nerves and toughens the muscles.
  • Tones up the person externally and maintains the respiration.
  • Gets rid of stiffness, soreness of muscles, numbness, paralysis, rheumatism and keeps the body healthy.


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