Return to Nature…. Ahead of Future.

100% Ayurvedic Products made from Fresh Herbs grown in our own Farms.

Vibha Natural Products Ltd

Vibha Natural Products Ltd. is a multifaceted company under a group of internationally reputed agricultural scientists, top grade management professionals, with more than twenty years of experience.Keeping in mind the need to propagate the intrinsic values of Ayurveda-The team of professionals at Vibha have dedicated themselves to synergise the ancient science with state-of-the-art modern technology to bring out 100% natural hair, body care and health care products.

What is so special about Vibha

  • All the products are 100% natural
  • Produced by “cold extraction ” thereby preserving all vital ingredients.
  • Most of the herbs used in the products are grown in our Farms .

What is being done at Vibha

  • Plantation of Medicinal Herbs
  • Research on Herbal Products
  • Processing and manufacturing of herbal products
  • Export of Herbal products
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