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Ginger has been known in the Arab world as Zanzabil. The rhizomes are cut into fine pieces and dried in sunlight in dust free atmosphere. The major component is gingerol which is used in India in various food preparations. Ginger forms an important constituent of many ayurvedic formulations. It is chiefly used as a home remedy for nausea, dyspepsia, flatulence and common cold. Ging chips are desiccated chips of ginger. The chips are treated with adequate quantity of sugar and salt to give it better taste.


Relieving nausea

Preventing all kinds of gastric troubles and flatulence.

Method of Use:

Oral intake. Has to be chewed.


1-2 chips to be chewed any time you please.


Digestive, Relieves nausea and Gastric troubles

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50gms Bottle 1 Bottle

25th - May, 2019

Gaurang mistry


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